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Carly is very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate – an effective combination for helping families with troubled children.   - Head of Therapeutic Care for IFA

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Carly's involvement in our family has been invaluable. By helping us to understand our adopted children's behaviour and needs, and just as importantly giving us as a couple, coping strategies to manage our day to day family life, thanks to her it feels that we are winning most of the time! She has worked with us for over 4 years now, our children both having different types of attachment disorder and birth children within our family, and although other support networks have been involved in our case, Carly's has proved the most useful and realistic input. Our guys adore her and "therapy" is just a fun visit by Carly in their eyes ....                    Adoptive family.

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I thought Carly's training was excellent and I ntook alot awqy from the course.  The examples she gave and modelling she did were excellent.  I have had PACE training several times before  but but still took alot away from this session.  I thoroughly enjoyed this training course and the content.  I will use what I have learnt in my day to day fostering .  I love the way Carly teaches. - Foster Carer about PACE Training


Carly is a fantastic supervisor. When i have something particularly difficult to deal with I feel secure in the knowledge that she is always there at the end of the phone until our next meeting. Her advice is always spot on and she is full of great ideas for a variety of interventions. I ALWAYS feel more positive and competent when I leave my supervision sessions, and go back to work with renewed energy and confidence! -  Play Therapist


Carly commenced work with 'my' family with very vague guidelines in relation to who she would see, for how long and duration of funding. She was able to work effectively with all family members even with this lack of structure. Carly worked / continues to work with the family many years on - she is flexible to the children / carers needs and will decrease / increase contact with them very much depending on need, providing sessions for individual children, the family or the carers. Carly has provided the local authority with reports when requested and also attended LAC reviews.  I have found Carly to be child centred, professional and flexible - she has helped 'my' family move forward and adapt / adjust to the demands of being / caring for children with complex emotional needs.   - Social Worker


Over the last twelve months Carly and Fred have provided support to my son and myself. As individuals we have received appropriate, quality support with a consistently high level of understanding and nurturing. The ability to work with different Therapists within a shared setting has been a very positive experience for the family. Knowing that both Carly and Fred have an awareness of the stresses and events within our family and communicate with each other has enabled a deeper level of therapeutic progress and reduced the need to explain difficult events numerous times! - Adoptive Parent


I am a Supervising Social Worker and attended Carly's training focusing on embodied behaviours along with some of the foster carers I supervise. Carly delivered the training with passion and related well to the attendees. Carly's knowledge and insight in this complex area is excellent and she blended theory and practice well. I would highly recommend Carly's training - Supervising Social Worker for IFA

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